Who is she?

I’m Ariana

I study Interaction Design and Psychology at UW. I love human behavior. Whether observing people’s pain points within their daily lives, or through usability studies, I want to create products that aid in human connection.
    Thankfully, Design has satisfied that urge of creating experiences that excite and aid people, and there is still so much to learn about the field. Overall, I’m interested in creating honest design. I heavily advocate for ethical practices, creating and sustaining representation for minorities, and environmental sustainability.

I’m obsessed with

  • Rupaul’s Drag Race/Everything drag related
  • Plants (I have 10+ different species of plants in my tiny apartment room) 
  • Coffee
  • Stand-Up Comedy
  • Mexican Lotería cards
  • Discovering Hip-Hop/Rap Samples

Available for Internships in June 2019